Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Adult Braces: I got braces....again!

updated 2.22.18 (braces off!!!)

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share something today that is not my normal printable/craft/project post.  I got braces!  I had braces as a teenager for 3.5 years, along with the expander, headgear, etc....pretty much everything!!!  I also had a retainer for several months after I got my braces off, but it was removable, not permanent.  And at my last appointment, my ortho literally said to me that I could THROW AWAY my retainer.  There was a trash can right by the door, so I clearly remember throwing it away 😱!!! I cringe just thinking about that!!

So fast forward to 20+ years later (I'm 39 now)....my teeth have shifted significantly.  You can see how wide my smile was back in 1996 (yikes, a little makeup wouldn't have killed me 😂!!)  vs. a recent picture of me.  Luckily the teeth have not gotten crooked, but my smile has narrowed.  I was even having pain in certain spots of my gums, which my dentist insists was due to movement of my teeth.

During my consult with the ortho, we decided that my only option would be braces.  Invisible aligners would not do (right now) what needs to be done.  However, after 12 months of wearing braces, we may move to the invisible aligners to finish out my treatment.

4.25.17 I got the braces put on!  They are Damon Braces, which are not the kind of braces I had as a teenager or the kind that my 9 year old daughter just got off.  Treatment is faster, the braces are smaller, they are thermal activated (I can feel them tighten when I drink my coffee!), and they don't require as many office visits.

5.2.17 One week in!  It's definitely been an adjustment getting used to the braces!  My teeth still hurt a little, I have headaches, and my cheeks are getting cut and poked quite a bit, but it's not too bad!  I'm still trying to get over the embarrassment that I'm 39 years old and in a full set of braces!  But it's only temporary and will be worth it in the end!

As much as I HATE posting pictures of myself, it's the only way to show you my progress!

10.11.17 Week 24!  Wow, I'm really starting to notice a huge difference in my teeth!!!  I'm on my 4th wire, and I have a rubber band I have to wear on my right side overnight.  My right side bite does not close all the way, so this will bring my bite back together.  The best news I had at my appointment yesterday was that I'm totally on schedule for removal in April!!!  My doc said he didn't want to jinx it and tell me I'm ahead of schedule, but everything is looking great!!  Wooohoooo!  I'm almost halfway through, and everyone was right that it goes by fast!

You can really notice the change in the gaps I used to have in the corners of my mouth.  My teeth are now coming forward and I have less black space.  I'll post another update in a couple months!!!

12.12.17 Week 33!  I got GREAT NEWS yesterday at my appointment!!  My braces are coming off 2 months early!!!!  I got my final wire put on (yikes, it's soooo tight!!) and scheduled my last regular appointment for 8 weeks from now.  Then two weeks later on February 22nd, 2018 the braces are coming off!!!  Woohooo!!!!  The next photos I'll post will be of the final reveal;). Hopefully they'll be able to get all the yellow glue off and my teeth will be shining white!

---> BRACES OFF!!! <--- b="">
February 22, 2018

Wow, 10 months really flew by!!!  I'm so happy with my teeth now!!  They put a permanent retainer behind my bottom teeth and I have a clear retainer for my top that I have to wear basically nonstop until my appt next week.  Then I'll only wear the clear retainer during the day and a wire retainer at night for the next 9-12 months.  After that, I'll probably just wear one at night.  FINE BY ME!!!  Anything so I don't have to get braces again 😂!!

This will probably be my final post about braces since there (hopefully) won't be any change.  I was so pleased with the whole process!  I loved that I only had an appointment every 8 weeks and the results were exactly what I wanted.  While it was costly, painful at times, and not very attractive, it was well worth it I know that I'll be smiling much more now!
Now for those wrinkles 😉......hahaha!!!!
:) Jamie

I won't post too often about my whole braces ordeal, but I may post updates once in a while when I start to see some real progress.  Plus, it will be a fun way for me to journal my whole experience!

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