Sunday, December 4, 2016

Easy Christmas Arrangement DIY, Under $5.00!

Hi everyone!  I have a Christmas craft project for you today!  We have various pine trees in our yard, so I figured that I should be taking advantage of them for the holiday season!  I'm not talking about cutting them down to use for our Christmas tree (we're not the Griswolds😛!!!), but they have beautiful branches, pinecones, and let's not forget the fresh smell of pine that is fabulous for crafts and decor!!!  Here is a very simple and inexpensive fresh arrangement that I made for under $5.00!

I'd love to see your arrangement! Tag me on Instagram @myfashionabledesigns.

Supplies Needed:
Wire Basket or box (plain or paint to your desired color!)
Branches from evergreen/pine/spruce trees, various types and sizes
Pinecones, berry stems, embellishments
Floral Wire
Wire and/or Branch Cutter

Step 1: Soak the wet foam in a sink or bowl of water.  Allow to absorb water naturally, usually about two minutes.

Step 2: Cut to fit your container. 

Step 3: Place in the bottom of your container. 

Step 4:  Trim branches as needed and stick into the foam. You can't go wrong!  Just start pushing them into the foam and add more and more until your desired fullness.

Step 5: Use floral wire to attach any embellishments. 

Step 6: To cover foam block, just shove in some greenery! 

Step 7: Attach a bow with floral wire or just tie it around a branch.  
Great gift idea!  Get creative by adding ornaments, glitter branches, candy canes, lights, etc.  

Here I added a few embellishments:

Don't forget to add water to your foam every day or two to keep it from drying out!

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