Thursday, October 13, 2016

Halloween Craft: How to Make a Pumpkin Lantern

Hi everyone!  I hope you'll enjoy this easy Halloween craft!  See below for the printable template and all the instructions!!  

Supplies Needed:

Print out the TEMPLATE onto orange paper (or any paper of your choice!)
Glue Stick
Clear Tape
Yellow Tissue Paper
Battery Operated Tea Light

1.  Cut the lantern template across the solid line. You can make two lanterns per template.

2.  Fold along the dotted lines:

3.  Cut out the gray eyes and nose:

4.  When you get to the mouth, fold and snip the three little dots.  This will give you just enough space to fit your scissors!  Then unfold and cut the remainder of the mouth:

At this point, you may want the printed side to be on the inside of the lantern, so you can glue the yellow tissue paper to the printed side.  I kept the printed side on the outside for the example.

5.  Cut out yellow tissue paper big enough to cover the cutouts:

6.  Glue the tissue paper to the orange paper:

7.  Refold and tape the edges together:

There you have it!  A paper lantern!

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