Monday, April 11, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea: Notepad With Your Child's Handwriting

Hi everyone!!  Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner, so I wanted to share an idea that I used last year for my daughter's teacher (and plan to do again this year!).

I tried this idea with several printing/photo companies, and the one that worked best was definitely  They have many, many notepad templates, easy photo editing, and of course COUPONS!!  Here is how you can make your child's teacher a special notepad with her/his name written by your child!! (You will need a scanner for the best results.) And they have pens too!!!

Step 1: 
Have your child write the teacher's name on plain white paper with a black marker.  Size of name does not can resize in Vistaprint if needed. Your child can write the school name and a complete colorful design if you choose!!

Step 2: Scan the page into a JPEG format.  All scanners are different, so I'm not showing the specific details of this step.  My scanner has the options to send the image wirelessly to a computer or scan to a memory card or email the image. Any of these options will work fine!

Step 3: Go to and begin designing the notepad!  Select Notepad and then Browse Our Designs and then Get Started.

Step 4: For this example, I'll be using design number 1887826.  I changed the color to blue by clicking the blue dot:

Step 5: Click Image, then My Computer and select your scanned image:

Step 6: Drag the image onto the notepad and cover up the Full Name text that is the default:

Step 7: Click the blue dots and drag your mouse to adjust the size of the image to your desired size. At this point, you may choose to be done with the notepad! Click Preview or Next to continue to checkout.  Optional steps to add more images follow.

To add additional images such as the desk, you can use VistaPrint's image library! 
Click Add Images then Image Library then type in keywords such as teacher or books or whatever you want!

Click on the image you want to use, then Add Selected Image.

Once again, just drag the image onto the notepad!

When your design is complete, you can Preview it, then click Next to add to your cart and check out. I guarantee the teacher will love it!!!!  It's personal because it's your child's handwriting, it's useful, and it's sooooo cute;)

Let me know how your notepad project works out!!

This is not a paid post.  I received no compensation from the companies mentioned.  All opinions and suggestions are my own.
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