Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fall Decor: DIY Beaded Letter Framed Print

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating a beaded letter on a glass frame!  For some reason, I could not get a photo that really shows the beaded letter well!!  It looks much better in person! I changed the leaf background for a picture just to show it better and obviously you will use whatever background you wish!

Alternate version:

Photo frame with glass
Letter printed out in your favorite font and desired size
Variety of beads
Glue or Mod Podge
Dry erase marker
Scrapbook paper, fabric, and/or ribbon for the background

1.  Flip over the letter you printed out so that it's backwards. 
2. Place one side of the glass over top and trace with a dry-erase marker. Flip both the glass and paper back over and align glass with letter. Marker will be on the under-side of the glass. (This is helpful if your image slides around. Another option would be to just tape the letter to the glass.)

3. Pour some glue onto the outside of the glass and begin placing beads onto the glue.  You can also dip the beads into glue and stick them on, but I found that putting the glue on first worked better!

4. When the bead letter is complete, allow to dry for an hour or so.  Glue will be clear when completely dry!  Then wipe the dry-erase marker off of the reverse side.  

5. Cut your scrapbook paper (or fabric, ribbon, etc.) to the frame size and place inside the frame. I used this leaf paper from the Nature Prints Paper Pad - $5.00 from Walmart.

6. Attach back and frame and voila!!!

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