Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Buying New Furniture

(Un)Happy Tax Day, my friends!  I was an Accounting major in college and considered doing taxes for a, I kinda had a change of heart along the way!!!! More about my life story later!  Today I want to share about our recent experience of buying new furniture for our family room.

Our home was built in the late 90's with lots of honey oak, berber carpet, brass fixtures, etc.  So we are slowly updating and changing (as the budget allows).  As much as I'd love to immediately start sanding and painting every inch of trim and builtins and moulding to a beautiful, fresh white....we have decided to wait.  We think it's better to have a professional do it, and it IS NOT CHEAP!!!  There are higher priority needs, which leads me to the title of this post: Buying New Furniture.

We had purchased our previous family room furniture when we got married almost 12 years ago.  It was sooooo comfortable and deep and large, just perfect for our previous home that had a big great room.  But it was stained, worn, difficult to keep clean, and pulling apart underneath the cushions.  And we were so over the swirly pattern, giant ottoman, and broken side tables!! Time for a change. Here it is, just days before the new set arrived:

For the sofa and loveseat, we decided on something different, something durable, a little less cushy (yet still comfy), but easier to clean.  It's the Pembroke from La-Z-Boy. Who knew La-Z-Boy made other furniture besides recliners?!!!!  The best part is the spill & scratch resistant leather-looking upholstery.  We chose the Renew fabric, which is actually fabric adhered to leather, so it has the warmth and softness of fabric, but the clean look of leather {and much cheaper than leather!!}. We also selected the brushed nickel nail heads.

For the chair, we chose a fabric upholstery with a fun, more modern design to tie in with the paint and decor.  The ottomans (which convert to trays) are a nice, soft fabric, same as the pillows.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that La-Z-Boy sent a designer to our house for free to help with selecting everything!!!  She created a design board for us at our final meeting, which made the whole dilemma of "choices" much easier!!! I am horrible at interior design and decor, so I have a huge appreciation for any help in this area!!!

These must be discontinued from La-Z-Boy (or at least their website), but here they are on Amazon.

At first, I had a little buyer's remorse because the sofa and loveseat were so very different than our previous ones.  I couldn't get over that they were not as big and cushy.  But now that I've had a chance to sit on them more, I can definitely say they are comfortable.  Almost like memory foam in that they take a few seconds to conform to your body.  And I'm LOVING that I can take a cloth to wipe them off!! (We moved the old furniture into the living room, so it's still around if I want to escape from the TV and craziness and rest for a bit!!!)

The lamps are new too. Found them online at World Market.

We tried to tie in the dark espresso colors from our kitchen cabinets into this room.  Next up will be pulling up this old berber carpet and laying down some wood floors!!!!!!!! :):):)

Note: This is not a sponsored post.  All reviews and opinions are my own based on my own experience.

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