Monday, February 9, 2015

Free Printable: Popcorn Valentine

It figures that I wait until the week of Valentine's Day to figure out what we're doing for the kids' Valentines!!!  The kids don't seem to really care (yet!) so I try to come up with something unique and personalized that's inexpensive. They usually go right along with my idea!  So after about an hour on Pinterest and Google, I settled on the microwave popcorn idea.  Mya's look like this, with each child's name personalized, and then I upload them to Walgreens Photo, use the 40% coupon code, and in about an hour they are printed for about $3.50!!  There is space at the bottom for her to write a message and her name.  Then we'll attach a bag of microwave popcorn.

Of course I have the printable image to share with you!!!;) 

Supplies needed: microwave popcorn, ribbon and bows, glue dots, and print the Valentine here

What are your kids doing for their Valentines this year???

Popcorn clipart from ClipartPanda

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