Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How to Make a Gift Card Holder: Free Printable Template

Did you know you can create your own gift card holder using wrapping paper, photos, construction paper, or any material you want?!!!  Well, here is a free printable template and instructions for you!!

Supplies Needed:
Wrapping Paper, Scrapbook Paper, or any other material of your choice
Tape or stickers
Free Template printed on card stock

1. Print the free template.

2.  Cut out the template.

3.  Place the template on your wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, photo, etc. 

4.  Trace the template onto your paper.

5.  Cut out the gift card holder from your paper.

6.  Place your gift card inside and fold around it.

7.  Place a sticker or piece of tape to hold down the paper.


There you have it!!!  Your very own customized gift card holder!  Add letter stickers, labels, etc. to make it special for the lucky receiver!

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