Monday, September 8, 2014

The Not-So-Fashionable Mom

Hi friends! It's Monday!!!  So it's time for me to share what I've been up to the past week:)

I was so excited that Origami Owl came out with a PINK mixer charm that matches my PINK KitchenAid mixer!!!!!!

Getting ready for our Brownies meeting: 

Just a little wishful the Thomas section!!! 

Picture Day!  It took me 30 minutes to do Mya's hair...blow dry, mousse, gel, flat iron, hairspray...high maintenance 7 year old!!! ;) 

My first pumpkin bread of the season!!!!  YUM!!!!! 

Here is my planner from last week.  It may look like chaos, but unless I get everything out of my brain and on to paper, I seem to forget it!   

Getting ready for this upcoming week. Here was the start of my planning from yesterday. Stickers, washi tape, colored pens....the usual planner accessories!!!

Have a fabulous week my friends!!!

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