Monday, September 17, 2012

Cabinet Door Makeover - FREE!

I had enough of all our DVDs, Mobigos, V-Readers, Leapsters, etc. staring at me through the glass doors of our media cabinet!!! So I simply googled "swirl image" and found this image that I thought would make a cute glass cover!!  I put the image in Word and sized it to fit my glass, printed 2 copies, flipped the image so it was a mirror image, and printed 2 more copies.  I simply taped them inside the cabinet doors.

(My almost 2-year-old ripped these papers down many times, so I then slipped them inside a plastic page protector so they would somewhat withstand the hands of a toddler.  He still rips them down occasionally but the protectors have kept me from having to reprint new ones!!)

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