Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Loving.....

My loves of the week:
1.  College Basketball....and March Madness hasn't even started yet!!!
2.  Kenra hairspray: It has rained a ton here lately, so I don't know what I would do without it!!!
3.  Plastic Bins: We are getting our basement finished, which means completely clearing it out before they begin in less than 2 weeks!  Thank goodness for plastic bins!  Now...if only I was good at organizing!!
4.  My diary from 1989: As I've been filtering through all of our "stuff" in the basement, purging and de-cluttering, I came across my diary from when I was 11 years old!!!  Oh, the fond memories of life before the internet, cell phones, iPods, etc!!!  Almost every day I referenced playing outside!  In one entry, I wrote how our electricity was out because of snow.  Then the next day, I wrote that it came back on and how I was so disappointed because I wanted to sleep another night out in the living room by the kerosene heater!!!! 
5.  Bagel Thins: I eat one every day...the whole wheat ones, love them!! Only 110 calories :)

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