Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Calorie Counting!!!

I've been reading so much lately about dieting, low-sugar, no-sugar, cleansing, etc...and it's kind of bothering me!!!  I mean, I'm no doctor or dietician, but doesn't it really come down to calories and activity?

I have to work pretty hard to maintin my weight.  I wish I was blessed with a super-speedy metabolism, but sadly I am not (and you're probably not either!).

I love sweets, I love my diet Pepsi, among other things that are supposed to be "bad for me!"  But I'm going to post what I might eat in a day.  This is just an example.  I'm curious to know what other moms out there eat in the course of a day.

Bowl of cereal, usually Honey-Nut Cheerios or Fruit Loops with Skim Milk
Cup of Hot Tea (I like Lipton Green Tea in Orange Passion Fruit & Jasmine)

Turkey & Cheese Sandwich (I like the American cheese slices made with 2% milk)
on Lite Wheat Bread with mustard
Can of Diet Pepsi
Yogurt (I like the Kroger Lite Vanilla)
About a cup or so of Chex Mix or Pretzels or even a Brownie

Diet Pepsi
I'm not usually a big snacker, but if I'm really hungry, I'll eat raisins, fruit, Baked Lays, or something small like that to hold me over to dinner

I cook almost every meal from this Southern Living Cookbook
Recently, I made the Cheeseburger Meatloaf, using ground turkey and fat-free cheddar cheese. 
Some vegetable, usually green beans
Roasted potatoes
Skim milk to drink
A Fiber bar (I like the Fiber One caramel kind)
I have to have dessert!  Sometimes Rainbow Sherbet, pudding, or angel-food cake

Before Bed:
I almost always have microwave popcorn...my fave is the kind you get from the Boy Scout's.  They have a great Butter Lite flavor.

What do you eat?

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