Friday, January 15, 2010

Mom's Manicure

I have become so irritated with my fingernails lately.  This dry, cold weather is causing them to break, peel, and chip.  I'm sick of dealing with them!!  Polish won't last for more than a day or two (I'm a little picky about even the slightest chip in polish!).

So, I found my solution...Glue-on Nails
-I can put a set on in less than 10 minutes & trim them down so they're natural-looking
-Take them off 10 days later with no damage to my natural nails
-They're soooo inexpensive compared to acrylic nails from the salon! 
-When applied correctly, they hold up through washing dishes, cleaning, cooking, and all the other motherly duties!

The only difficult thing for me is that I have very high-arch nails, and Kiss has apparently discontinued their high-arch custom fit nails.  I snatched up every last box I could from all the area Walgreens stores (and they were half-price...woohoo!), but now I will have to buy them online.

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