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Our house: we moved into our house in May 2013.  It was built in 1997 and needs lots of updating!  So we are taking one little project at a time.

Below are completed projects where I took before/after pics. Most were done on a small budget or in a short time frame.

My favorite part of the house is the screened-in porch!



PROJECT: Master Bedroom New Furniture & Rug (Dec 2013)
BEFORE (MLS listing) 

I don't have a pic of our bedroom right when we moved in, but here is the latest.  We put our bed on the window wall instead of the side like the previous owners. We painted, replaced the fan, got new furniture and a rug.

PROJECT: Gel Stain Laundry Room Cabinets

BEFORE (from MLS listing)

I used the Gel Stain on these cabinets as well. This room is the first room we enter from the garage, so we're in it sometimes multiple times a day.  It seems to be the room that gets the dirtiest too, and it is very small.  It forces me to keep up on all the laundry so there are not baskets and piles cluttering up the floor and the top of the washer and dryer!  

PROJECT: Hanging the TV over the mantle and adding fabric to the built-ins (April 2014)

The entire project is HERE!


PROJECT: Kitchen (May 2014)
Kitchen  - May 2014 - I'm working on gel staining the cabinets and we have our countertops picked out and scheduled for installation on 5/9!  I can't wait to post pics of the befores and afters!! :)
UPDATE 5/15/14: The kitchen is very close to being completed!!!! Tomorrow (fingers crossed) I will have all the cabinets finished and hung back up.  The countertops are installed.  The coffin light is down.  We just need the backsplash and new lights (may be done by next weekend??!!!).
UPDATE 6/4/14: The kitchen backsplash is getting finished this weekend...woohoo!!!  We decided not to put a light in place of the coffin light, so we'll need to patch and paint the ceiling.
UPDATE 10/20/15: Floors were refinished to a dark stain.

BEFORE (MLS Listing)

And the Befores that I took in April of 2014 right before we started the cabinet/counters project:


At this point, I was still staining many of the cabinet doors.

There's an end in sight!!! The ugly light over the island is gone!!!!





PROJECT: Dining Room (October 2015, March 2017)
When we first moved in, we used it as a playroom for the kids!  At some point (hopefully sooner than later), we will paint the trim and moldings white.  But for now, the oak will have to do!

October 2015 new floors!

Winter 2017 
I was tired of looking at that old brass chandelier, so I painted it teal with some chalk paint.  I made the zebra cord cover as well.  These curtains were in our living room, but I recently got new ones and decided to move them to here in the dining room.  The dark red paint had to go, so I slapped on some gray that we had left over from our bathroom at our previous house.  The rest of the wall still needs a fresh coat of paint, but I'm not in any hurry at the moment!!

My little home cafe! ☕️
It's definitely not anything fancy like you see on Pinterest, but I love coming here every morning (and afternoon if I need another kick of caffeine!!)!

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